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It's MARA Scholarship... and it's German!

*this is a backdated entry*

Rumours had it the MARA Scholarship Result will be out by today... I checked out the portal quite a few times, but nothing came out! I decided to just leave it for another day... until at around 8, a friend texted me asking if I got the scholarship... I surfed the portal straight away, and all the while praying for myself and my friends. Yes, I was already offered the Petronas Scholarship, but something happened today... 

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With my utmost gratefulness to God Almighty : 
I must have been one of the luckiest person this year for getting TWO offers of scholarship! I'm saved - that's all I could feel. If Petronas rejected me, then I've MARA as a back-up. If Petronas accepted me, then I would most definitely would be torn between the two. I'll definitely be choosing Petronas over MARA since it's Australia vs. German. I've no objections against any country... it's just that I prefer going to an English-speaking country since I won't have to learn a 4th language. I've learned Arabic as my 3rd language for 5 years, and I self-studied the Japanese language for quite some time.. and I still were UNABLE to grasp them! I don't think I can handle another foreign language, I doubt myself. =_=;; Going to German means I've to learn the language first, while going to Aussie, I only have to get use to the Oz slang... Still, it's ENGINEERING - my choice of course! So, I'll just wait for Wednesday to come to confirm my status, and we'll see whether it's Aussie or German my path gonna be... *still praying hard*
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Everybody are teachers! ♥

 'Stalking-teachers-FB' time!!!!
Waaah I actually managed to type out all the wishes with different sentence instead of copy-pasting them all! *pats myself on the shoulder* Owh God, just like my fren mentioned in her status, these days student wish their teachers on FB~ long gone the era of greeting cards! LOL xD Well I say, "everybody  time-saving + quick!" Anyway, what's important is that we as students remember their deeds and sacrifices... the way of expressing it is another story, everybody is entitled to their own way. :D

And so, with the request of a fren, I made a few simple Teacher's Day greeting cards... simple graphics made out of colors and text manipulations :

Graphics and texts by hikary22
(DO NOT CLAIM AS YOUR OWN! Click for larger version)

Teachers can be Teachers, or Cikgu, or Muallim, or Sensei ;
Teachers can be those who professionally works in kindergarten, school or university ;
Teachers can be the people who show us around on our first day of work ;
Teachers can be our friends, who guide us in homeworks when we caught a cold and absent for a day ;
Teachers can be the parents who teach their children the first word...
but all the same, teachers are people who taught us something, whether it is a subject for an exam, or about a thing or two in surviving in life! 
To all teachers in the world, may you have THE MOST AWESOME TEACHER'S DAY! Happy Teacher's Day! 
Kame srs

I'm a PETRONAS scholar!

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Back home.
Oh God! I'm nervous! Was I not dreaming?? I'm pretty sure it's May right nao so no way it's an April Fool's joke?! Besides, his voice was too nice for someone who's up for a prank!
Opened ... and OMG!
The ‘pos laju’ arrived 2 days ago! OMG, I can’t blv what Hadai said was true – prepare plenty of pens wif plenty of ink coz there’s lots of agreements and forms to fill in! xD

Anyway, I was assigned to a Pre-University / preparatory programme at :
Institution : INTEC (International Education Centre), Shah Alam
Course : AUSMAT (Australian Matriculation)
Duration : 18 months
*which means if I’ll ever be flying to the kangaroo-land, it would be somewhere late 2012 / early 2013.. long wayyy to go!*

Registration is on 03rd of July 2011! That’s a plenty of time to get ready! ^^

According to the agreement, my living allowance would be RM500 per month. Well, that isn’t luxury, but I suppose it would be enough to keep my stomach full everyday and buy some new clothes only when I need one~ ^^ Owh n second most importantly – reload my phones! <3

So I guess, that’s it! Need to get back to signing all the agreements!
KISASians and future JPA / MARA scholars… I’ll see you guys at INTEC!
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KISAS Award Ceremony 2010 - last appearance on stage

 *this is a backdated entry*

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Finally time to queue! And I found myself taking pics of everybody with my Canon camera! Well, it was a total blissful moments! <3 And I figured, it's not that hard to not be selfish... life is not just about myself, it's about us! And with this, I happily take pics of other instead of there's-must-always-be-me-in-every-pic, something I had always been reluctant to do!

*Pictures will be uploaded once my internet connection is stable again… hopefully!* xD

The moment on stage last only a few seconds! That might be the last one though... Owh well, backstage I claimed my RM70! Minus RM20 for a class gift in which we all gave our parts in buying a MINI-FRIDGE for the staffroom~ ^^ Alright... boys' idea! I've no say in it! Take some more pics... have lunch at the canteen~ Take pic with my two favourite juniors! <3 Then my family and I left KISAS for SASER... to visit my brother there! OMG~ never thought the day would come when I can finally step into SASER - the #1 SBP (boarding school) in Malaysia... that has been the ONE and ONLY unbeatable school by KISAS! Owh well, that is.. another story!
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UPU Admission Offer 2011/2012 - I got UIA!

 *this is a backdated entry*

Left for Klang. Tomorrow there'll ve MAK (Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan / Award Ceremony) KISAS 2010. Stay overnight in Goldcourse Hotel at floor 16 - there's WI-FI!! Browse the internet using my Nokia-X5~ Open

IIUM aka UIA (International Islamic University Malaysia aka Universiti Islam Antarabangsa) !
Foundation of Engineering & Computer Science (Asasi Kejuruteraan & Sains Komputer) !
Just as I wished for! Thank you God! So between matriculation and foundation... it is such an obvious option dude! Of course UIA *if I couldn't get into PETRONAS / MARA scholarship for oversea degree program*

To top that off, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (Ministry of Higher Education, MOHE) offered me a finance aid for foundation programme in IPTA since IIUM is one of the university it supports. I never remember of applying for it... I think this finance aid is given by the ministry towards ANYBODY who is accepted for foundation programme in ANY of the 6 IPTA (UIA, UM, UPM, UTM, USIM, UPNM) and it is regardless of your family economical situation. Read more about it HERE.

So, a university in hand! Now, waiting for scholarship result to see if I can make it to oversea! Tomorrow (7 MAY at 8.00 am) the PETRONAS Sponsorship result will be out! *prays hard*

Matriculation... a chance, yet a risk

28th of April 2011 - The shortlisted offer of admissions to matriculation program for the 2011/2012 session is out! Check them out in this link.

So I was offered the Science stream in Kolej Matrikulasi Gopeng, Perak (which is not that far away from home... it was my 1st option upon applying).

Thanks to a friend who helps to explain the code of the courses for the Science stream:
M001 - Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
M002 - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
M003 - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science

Not sure though about the Technical and the Accountancy stream.

I haven't yet reply to accept or decline the offer... to be frank, matrix could be the way to get the course you want but at the same time, IT IS VERY RISKY. Let's say you scored a pointer of lower than 3.8, you'll be "lelong", as if you'll be put randomly on whatever course available which are not among your 5-first options. If you scored great, then not to worry coz you'll get either of what you opted for. Matriculation is tough, so you have to strive even from the start! No time to slack off... If you are entitled into a ONE-YEAR program, then give it your all to score >3.8 in that one year! If it's a TWO-YEAR program, you won't be getting away with "berSENANG2 dahulu, berSUSAH2 kemudian"... ur CGPA for both year will be added to find you average CGPA... eg: (1st year) 2.4 + (2nd year) 4.0 flat divide by 2 = 3.2 which is <3.8.. so if you don't work your way since the first year, even a 4.0 flat by then end of a second year won't save you!

If a person enroll in a foundation program (asasi), then even if you don't score a very high pointer, you may still continue the degree you want to pursue... but, there's a price for it. To be accepted for foundation program in universities in Malaysia, it depends on how good you did during SPM. The better grades, the better chances of getting offers for foundation. If you're not doing very okay with SPM and are not offered to foundation program, then the options left to continue to higher edu would be matriculation or taking the diploma before pursuing degree.
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Post-SPMers are currently doing this!

... and I am no exception! Am praying that I would get one~ it's the key towards enrolling into prestigious university and guarantees a future with a stable job!

Next up ---> it's the MARA interview!!! Better do a better job at this~

Tahniah! Anda berjaya untuk menghadiri temuduga seperti berikut :

  Tarikh : 25.4.2011 
  Masa : 10.00 PG
  Tempat Temuduga : Pejabat MARA Negeri Perak Tingkat 5, Bangunan Sri Kinta, Peti Surat 669, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 33770 Ipoh
Okay.. my internet connection simply faillsss today and I was getting too bored so whutt? I ended up making a banner...? xD
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PETRONAS EduQuest Camp 2011 - Oversea Sponsorship Programme

Hey! I just came back from PETRONAS EduQuest Camp 2011 at UTP today for the oversea sponsorship programme. I'm writing this article in hope to benefit future PETRONAS scholar candidates on some tips and briefly give an idea on what's going to happen during the 2 days and 1 night camp.

That is me... in the main hall (Block B) with other Group A&B candidates while waiting for EPT to start.

The format and flow of the camp may or may not change, but for 2011's selection, we had :
1. Individual interview
2. Group discussion
3. MST (Math&Sc Test)
4. Value Profiling (Personality Test)
5. EPT (English Placement Test)
6. CRT (Critical Reasoning Test) - Part 1 & 2

*For 2011 scholarship there are 1000 candidates out of 7000+ who applied online. The flight seats to overseas available are only 150. The 1000 candidates are shortlisted by the computer system (means it is not manually chosen by human)
*So to be frank, 1000 over 7000+ is like heyyy?? If you reach this stage already you should be so proud even if you didn't make it to top 150 spots!
*You'll sleep in UTP's hostel. 2 person per room.

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I hope you benefited something and is more prepared. If you have any questions to ask, kindly leave a comment here. All the best for the sponsorship... and hopefully, the scholarship!

Nur Amalina Binti Omar
SPM 2010
Petronas EduQuest Camp 2011 (Oversea Programme) Participant

I just got a call. As of 7th May 2011, I'm a PETRONAS Scholar! Praise be to Allah SWT!
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Tomorrow's the Big Day!

2nd post for today... simply bcoz this is also bound to be here!

Seems like 2mrw I'll be going back to school... no, no, not as a student. 2mrw's the BIG day... 23rd of March, prolly at around 10 AM or so, the results for SPM exam would finally be announced after almost 3 months of wait. I simply prayed that all 294 candidates of my school with God's will would score 11A+. And if KISAS could top the school ranking this year that would be a great bonus! :3

I'm scared, anxious everytime I think about it~ But honestly, I started my morning with a bath, surf the net, watch Spongebob (coz there was nothin' else on TV) and One Piece, make bread... those r very normal stuffs as if nothing huge is happening 2mrw! This morning I don't feel a single tiny bit of nervousness, or maybe that's just how I try to forget things... but truthfully I felt quite numb, idk what I suppose to feel... get worked up about it or just take it easy until I receive my result... then I can choose to be happy or sad about it... Well, I definitely hope it's the first one than the later... I can't lie, I want a straight-A-plus result! Everyone does!

Anyway, KISAS is in Klang while I'm in Perak. I'm leaving at around 4 sth I guess, need to catch up the train at Batu Gajah at 6.13 PM heading to KL Sentral. From there I'll took the LRT to Wangsa Maju to sleepover at Wani's house for a night... Then 2mrw morning, we + some other frens would board the commuter to Klang... My ticket to Perak is on 6 PM as well, so that means I'll be wondering around Klang till evening... I'll try to find sth to kill my time there~ xD

So yeah, it definitely sending some weird vibes up my spine when I think of it, so I decide to put it on hold until 2mrw come, n then I can be nervous all my body let me... God, pls give us what's best for us, and pls let 11A+ to be what's best for us... Well people, pray for our success! I sure hope 2mrw I'll drop by again to write sth very nice that would left me smiling when writing it... if u get what I mean! ^^

Sore ja, mata ne~ *waves*
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